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This is my website. I'm B.C. Wallin. I've been a copywriter since 2019, coming from a background of journalism and creative writing. With a BA in English and Journalism from Baruch College, I've travelled paths of film criticism, eCommerce, brand strategy, education, content management, and work at an opera company and in the booth of the Barclays Center to build an eclectic background and always be learning.

I've taken continued education courses through SVA: Ad Portfolio with Rich Pels and Neil Raphan (Summer 2023), Creative Thinking with Matt Tarulli (Fall 2023)

In client-facing roles, I've had the opportunity to help business owners find what is meaningful about their business to everyone who isn't them. Whatever my audience, I care about delivering a compelling story. My biggest win: Writing and leading an hour-long brand presentation where every question the client had was answered on the very next slide.

My work only matters as much as it moves someone else. Take a look.

B.C. Wallin
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