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My name is B.C. Wallin (you probably already know that). I like to read and write and make bad puns. You can usually find me making my case for something unnoticed or unloved, hoping to spread passion among the people. Honesty is important to me — in art, and in being a person. That's who I am. Now, let me tell you what I can do.



When you get right down to it, the thing I do best is writing. Short stories, long stories, articles, essays, copywriting, scripts, and all sorts of other projects. I like to play with language and create meaning.

I'm available for freelancing and interesting projects. And I like to make my editors' jobs very easy. Let's talk.

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Finding what makes your business special and helping your audience understand it, too. Concise, powerful language. Outstanding results.

I create names and write taglines (like the one over there). I position brands to help them stand out and write copy in the voice that will best speak to their audience. I've helped businesses find the clarity they wanted for themselves and their customers. I'm open for work.

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Researching, writing, reviewing, reconsidering, recontextualizing. Finding the deeper meanings and the meaningful connections, especially in film and pop culture.

Journalism is the practice of finding the truth. I've done that through interviews and analysis, coverage and investigation. I'm open to news tips and story pitches and outlets where I can go deep and find meaning.

My writing's a bit all over the place.

And by that I mean you can find it in a number of spots. Click or tap an outlet icon for more.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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