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Agency / Creative — SLAPS
Creative Director: Sebastien Vandecasteele    |   Managing Director: Asya Sharrow
Project Lead: Olivia McDaid   |   Creative Team: Manon Etienne, Bianca Baracco & B.C. Wallin

Production — Revery
Director: Audrey Ellis Fox   |   Director of Photography: Tyler Weinberger
Executive Producer: Sara Magness   |   Lead Producer: McKinzy Powers
Post Producer: Max Solomon / Jake Lowden   |   Editor: Alex Gilbert
VFX: Delta G   |    Audio: Field Day Sound   |    Color: Dylan Hageman

Is it possible to have food that tastes good, preps quick, and is also good for you? We set out to introduce a meal kit that provides the answer.

Factor Frustration-FreeRadio Spot
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